Ignition Coils

Available parts

An ignition coil (also called spark coil) is an induction coil in an automobile’s ignition system which transforms the battery’s 12 volts (6 volts in some older vehicles) to the thousands of volts needed to spark the spark plugs. This specific form of the autotransformer, together with the contact breaker, converts low voltage from a battery into the high voltage required by spark plugs in an internal combustion engine.

OEM Part # Car Maker Engine Application
Total Nr. 1 Nr. 2 Nr. 3
90919-02212 Toyota 5VZFE(3.4l/6cyl) Tacoma95-96/99-04,4runner'96/99-02,T100:97-98
90919-02213Toyota 5EFE(1.5l/4cyl) Tercel 95-98, Paceo 95-97
90919-02217Toyota 5SFE(2.2l/4cyl) Camry97-01, Solara 2.2L 99-03
3SFE(2.0l/4cyl) Rav4 98-00
2RZFE(2.4l/4cyl) Tacoma'00
3RZFE(2.7l/4cyl) 4unner97-98,T100'98,Tacoma97-00
Toyota 5SF(N)E(2.2l/4cyl) Camry 4cyl 97-01, RV4 98-00
90080-19012Toyota 5VZFE(3.4l/6cyl) Tacoma95-96/99-04,4runner'96/99-02,T100:97-98
90919-02230 Toyota 2UZFE(4.0l/8cyl) Land Cruiser 98-on, Tundra 99-on, Sequola 00-on
Lexus SC430 01-03, Lexus LS430 00-03, 4Runner 02-on
90919-02234 Toyota 1MZFE(3.0l/6cyl) Lexus RX300 98-03, Camry 01-on, Avalon 99-05,
Highlander 00-03, Lexus ES300/330 01-03, Sienna 00-03
90919-02239 Toyota 1ZZFE (1.6,1.8l/4cyl) ALTIS 1.6/1.8L, Corolla/Matrix 02-on, MR2 99-05, Celica 99-05
90919-02243Toyota 2AZFE Camry 01-on, Scion 04-on, Solara 03-on, Rav4 00-on,
Highlander 03-05, Hilux 02-on, Tacoma 04-on
90919-02135Toyota 4AFE(1.6l/4cyl) Celica90-91/ST'93 4WD,Corolla88-91,Tercel90
3SFE(2.0l/4cyl) Camry88-91,Celica ST87-89,
3SFE(2.0l/4cyl) Camry88-91,Celica ST87-89,
4YEC(2.2l/4cyl) Van86-89,
3YEC(2.0l/4cyl) Van84-85
4ALC(1.6l/4cyl) Corolla85-88
3AC(1.5l/4cyl) Tercel83-88,
4AC(1.6l/4cyl) Corolla83-87
2SELC(2.0l/4cyl) Camry86
3EE(1.5l/4cyl) Tercel 90
90919-02164 Toyota 7AFE(1.8l) Corolla93-94、Celica94-95
4AFE(1.6l) Corolla88/93-95
4AF(1.6l/4cyl) Corolla88-89
4ALC(1.6l/4cyl) Corolla86-87、
4AC(1.6l/4cyl) Corolla86-87、
30500-PR4-A02Honda D15B2(1.5l/4cyl) CRX 90-91,Civic 90-91
D16A6(1.6l/4cyl) CRX 90-91,Civic 90-91
30500-PM5-A02/03Honda D15B2(1.5l/4cyl) CRX 88-89,Civic 88-89
D16A6(1.6l/4cyl) Civic 89
12353801General Motor
F7TU-12A366CDFord Motor
22448-2Y000Nissan VQ30DE(6cyl) Maxima Firewall side 00-01, Infiniti I30 front side01, I30 rear side00,
22448-2Y005 NISSAN VQ30DE(6cyl) Maxima radiator side 00-01,Infiniti I30 front side00
22448-8H315 NISSAN QR25DE(4cyl) Sentra 04-ON, Altima 02-ON,Sentra 02-05
QG18DE(4cyl) Sentra 02-03
22448-8J115 NISSAN VQ40DE(6cyl) Frontier 04-ON,Pathfinder -05,Xterra -05
VQ35DE(6cyl) Maxima radiator side 01-ON,Murano 6required 03-05,Pathfinder 03-04,Quest 04-05, Infiniti I35 02-04, QX4 02-04
22448-AL615 NISSAN VQ35DE(6cyl) 350Z 02-ON, Infuniti G35 02-ON
22448-AR215 NISSAN VH45DE(8cyl) Infiniti Q45 01-02, FX45 02-ON, M45 03-04
22448-6N015 NISSAN QG18DE(4cyl) Sentra 03-05
22448-7S015 NISSAN Titan 03-ON, Admada 04-ON, Infiniti QX56 04-ON
F7TU-12A366CDFord Motor
22448-EA000 NISSAN
90919-A2002 TOYOTA
90080-19025 TOYOTA